Fellows sought for the Society's Sections and Groups

Every autumn each of the Society's sections and groups hold their annual general meetings where committee members are elected for the following year. These committee members play an active role in setting out and delivering the annual programme of meetings and activities, which inform, promote and engage those with a special interest in their area of statistics.
The following sections and groups are now seeking Fellows to join their committee for 2019:

Business and Industrial - one vacancy
Emerging Applications - two vacancies
History of Statistics - three vacancies
International Development - two vacancies
Quality Improvement - one vacancy

Special interest Group
Data Ethics - seeking someone with geo-spatial data expertise
Local groups
Lancashire and East Cumbria - five vacancies
Reading - seeking volunteers for officer and committee member positions
East Midlands - vacancy for a new chair
Merseyside - seeking a new secretary and committee members

If you wish to express interest in one of these vacancies, please send a paragraph (up to 250 words) to Amaka Nwagbara, summarising your background and why you would like to join the committee.
Please note that to take up a position you will need to be a Fellow of the RSS.

For more information please visit our Local Group pages. 


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