DfE seeks members for data sharing approval panel

The Department for Education is looking for external members to sit on its data sharing approval panel. This is a chance to scrutinise what personal data DfE shares, and with who, and help set the policies around the sharing of personal education data.

The Department is looking for someone who is able to challenge DfE as part of the panel, as well as help make decisions, especially around:

  • Assessing the ethics of specific data shares where data leaves DfE (usually pupil characteristics and education attainment data for research purposes) and our data sharing polices in general
  • Shaping the our evolving data sharing strategy, and data movement reduction
  • Reforming the panel to make it the an effective decision making body
  • Scrutinise our public information and publications and other decisions in this space

The panel meets for an hour and a half every month, across several sites (including London, Sheffield and Darlington) or can be attended remotely by teleconference. The panel already has some external presence, as well as legal expertise. The monthly panel both scrutinises individual data shares, as well as looking at the more strategic picture around data sharing.

It can be someone who has applied for DfE data, now or in the past, and who would simply abstain from any decisions where there is a conflict of interest.

Anyone who might be interested, or who might want to know more, please contact Hetan Shah at h.shah[at]rss.org.uk.


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