Data ethics questionnaire for non-UK based RSS members

The Data Ethics Special Interest Group would like to reach out to the large non-UK membership of the RSS to better understand the international aspect of the data ethics landscape. To this end, we would be very grateful if internationally based members of the Society could provide any information they have about their own countries.

If you would like to take part, please can you copy and paste the questions below, along with your answers to each, in an email addressed to

  1. Please name the country which you are referring to.
  2. Are there other bodies (public or private1), outside the NSI or privacy commission, with a specific policy focus on data ethics? If so, what are their full names or web addresses?

  3. What ethical role does the National Statistical Institute (NSI) have? Please provide a link where information can be found.
  4. Is there another body, outside the NSI or privacy commission with a responsibility for data ethics? If so, what is its full name or web address?
  5. Are there any specific issues of data ethics that have become a matter of public concern? Please link to news stories or official statements.

If you would like to keep in touch with the future work of the Data Ethics Special Interest Group, there is a mailing list which anyone can join on the Data Ethics Special Interest Group page. However, if you would like to be contacted specifically about the country you refer to, please indicate this in your response.

Our report on the landscape will be published on in due course.

1 in the UK there is now a government Centre for Data Ethics and the independent Ada Lovelace Institute.

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