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Advanced Data Science Professional

We have long championed data science as a professional discipline, recognising that for the sector to grow there needed to be an industry-wide set of standards. That is why we founded the Alliance for Data Science Professionals with other professional societies. The culmination of our work is a new professional certification: the Advanced Data Science Professional (ADSP).

What is ADSP?

It is the only data science qualification endorsed by four professional societies. It is awarded to experienced data scientists who can demonstrate they meet the skills, knowledge and behaviour detailed in our standards.

Why should you be ADSP certified?

Being ADSP certified is a powerful endorsement not only of your professional expertise but also of your support of an ethical and well-governed industry, ensuring everyone can have confidence in how their data is used.

An ADSP qualification is a mark of quality and distinction: certification enhances your CV; reflects well on the organisation you work for; and facilitates recruiting like-minded professionals.

All certified individuals will be included on a single searchable public register of certified data science professionals, hosted by the Alliance for Data Science Professionals.

Who can apply?

You need to have at least five year’s work experience within a statistical role and have graduated with a level 6 or 7 degree (or equivalent). If you meet these qualifying criteria, the first step is to become a member of the RSS. Find out more about the benefits of membership here or join here . You can then start your professionalisation journey online.

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