Eugenie ChangEugenie Chang, Technical Support Specialist, CStat

I work in a statistical software company, giving advice to customers from manufacturing and service industries on how to use statistics to solve their problems. I have a lot of exposure to quality statistics in my role and I am quite knowledgeable in the statistics used in the Six Sigma methodology. I am also interested in statistics used in other areas of our daily life such as sports science and social studies. I have fitted a statistical model on predicting the viewership figures of the popular TV series Game of Thrones based on the number of deaths in an episode.

I joined the RSS in 2004 as I liked the idea of having support from a professional body in pursuit of my career. My degree in statistics enabled me to apply for GradStat status and I later became a Chartered Statistician in 2010. The application process motivated me to strengthen my knowledge of statistics and the CStat postnominal has opened up new opportunities for me, giving a certain level of guarantee of my knowledge in statistics.

As a member, I have enjoyed attending the various online and web meetings organised by the Society, which involve many different areas of statistics. The regular member bulletin also keeps me updated on any new development or involvement of the Society with business and government.