Consultant Profile

Dr Rhian Davies

Region of consultancy:


Rhian is a statistical consultant and data scientist with a specialism in developing and supporting statistical software. She is a senior data scientist at the Strategy Unit where she builds open-source Reproducible Analytical Pipelines and provides public health analysts with the tools, skills, and confidence to develop their own reproducible analyses. She is an R expert and regularly shares her knowledge in the NHS-R and R-Ladies communities.


Prior to joining The Strategy Unit, Rhian worked as a data science consultant, specialising in R development and training. She is a highly rated educator and has written and delivered training courses on R programming, statistical analysis, and best practices. Rhian has a PhD in Statistics and Operational Research and is a Statistical Ambassador for the Royal Statistical Society, engaging with the media, schools and wider public to improve statistical literacy.


Reproducible Analytical Pipelines, Public Health, Quality Assurance of statistical models, R package development, R Shiny app development and deployment, R training