Consultant Profile

Ziad Taib

Areas of Consultancy:
Clinical trials
Design and analysis of experiments
GLMs and other non-linear models
Survival analysis

Region of consultancy:


Experienced independent statistician with a long experience in both the Pharmaceutical Industry and the Academia. Experience cover Preclinical, Translational and Clinical Drug Development Projects.


Until recently a Global product statistician at Astrazeneca, R&D and an adjunct Professor of Biostatistics at Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden. I joined the pharmaceutical industry in the year 2000 after over 10 years teaching and research in the Academia. Since then, I have occupied several projects- and line management positions. Among my current areas of interest are: Clinical biostatistics, statistical methods related to the use of Biomarkers in clinical trials and biotechnology as well as stochastic modelling . My earlier research was centered on stochastic modelling in biology and medicine, e.g. models for population growth and spread of infectious diseases. I am currently the president of the International Biometric Society’s Nordic Baltic Region. For further information cf. Who we are at


State of the art Statistical Methods for Planning, Analysis and Reporting of Clinical Trials. Decision analysis for Drug Development Projects. Interim Monitoring.