Consultant Profile


Anthony O'Hagan

Areas of Consultancy:
Bayesian methods
Clinical trials
Statistical inference

Region of consultancy:


I have been working as a consultant for 30 years and have had numerous clients. I am an expert in methodology and applications of Bayesian statistics. I have worked extensively in health (clinical trials, drug development, cost-effectiveness, manpower planning), engineering (water, railways, nuclear power) and the environment (climate, regulation), plus I am always pleased to get into new fields!


Between gaining my BSc and PhD in Statistics from University College London, I worked for two years (1969-71) in the electricity industry. My career from 1973 to 2008 was as an academic statistician, where I become one of the world's leading researchers in Bayesian statistics. I have published several books and well over 100 research papers. As recognition of the value of Bayesian methods grew, I became active as a consultant, and I have had the pleasure of working in many application areas. I took early retirement in 2008 and have continued working as a consultant. Recent clients have included GlaxoSmithKline (and several other pharmaceutical companies), London Underground (where I developed the statistical methodology behind an award-winning asset management system), the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission and the European Food Safety Authority.


Bayesian methods and applications, particularly developing novel solutions to difficult problems. Elicitation of expert knowledge. Assurance analysis for drug development. Cost-effectiveness analysis for pharmaceuticals. Training in Bayesian statistics, cost-effectiveness analysis, elicitation, model uncertainty. Some experience in legal work.