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Anthony Bendell

Areas of Consultancy:
Design and analysis of experiments
Quality methodology

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Experienced consultant & trainer, and internationally recognized expert & academic, Tony is a well-known invited keynote speaker at Conferences and Events worldwide and was formerly the Rolls-Royce funded Professor of Quality & Reliability Management, at the University of Leicester. Tony has had both an outstanding academic career and an extensive professional consultancy and training role at the highest level within both private sector organizations and the public sector. He has policy development experience with various branches of UK and international Government. He has worked as an associate consultant of Coopers & Lybrand, and subsequently trained management consultants for Deloitte. He is a leading figure in the UK and international quality and productivity improvement and excellence, and public sector transformation, movements. He has published extensively and is principle author of the best selling FT book on Benchmarking for Competitive Advantage, which is available in 6 languages, as well as the FT book on Implementing Quality in the Public Sector. His new book on `Developing Anti-Fragile Organizations; Governance, Opportunity and Risk in Turbulent Times’ was published by Gower in July 2014. This examines the shortcomings of conventional risk analysis, the impact of `black swans`, and the requirements for the development of operations, systems & organisations that get stronger from being stressed. He chairs the MS6 (6 Sigma/Lean) Technical Committee of BSI.


An academic career in Statistics and Quality Management, combined with an international consultancy role in Quality, Excellence and Building Anti-Fragile Organisations. Projects vary from research led state of the art development to practical Change programmes, work with gigantic messy Big Data to training and developing executive management.


Change Management, Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma, ISO18404, Governance & Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), Developing Anti-Fragile Organisations, Organizational Excellence (including the EFQM Excellence Model), Strategy, Leadership, Quality Assurance, Quality Management and Lean Operations, Public Sector development and reform, Benchmarking, Reliability Analysis, Expectation Influenced Probability.