Consultant Profile


Geoffrey Darnton

Areas of Consultancy:
Censuses and surveys
Exploratory data analysis
Quality methodology
Statistical inference

Region of consultancy:


I usually take a multi-disciplinary approach to consulting projects. I have a background in several disciplines obtained from working in industry, higher education, civil society groups, and professional organizations


I have worked in education (secondary, higher, industrial and rehabilitation contexts); in industry (solving major project problems at a fourth level of escalation, systems analysis methods and tools); civil society (nuclear weapons control, information warfare, monitoring head teacher performance); project management (particularly risk management and spiral method).


The most widely recognized specialism is social statistics. I have experience of a wide range of research and consulting experiences. These include: simulating the economic consequences of the UK joining the EEC; using econometric techniques to monitor arms control agreements; checking the validity of social surveys; analyzing banking customer satisfaction measures; checking statistics used to determine legal aid payments to solicitors for criminal cases; updating methods of social research.