Consultant Profile


Tony Ward

Areas of Consultancy:
GLMs and other non-linear models
Neural networks and genetic algorithms

Region of consultancy:


Tony Ward is a Chartered Statistician – a status awarded by the Royal Statistical Society in formal recognition of his statistical qualifications, professional training and experience. He has over 10 years’ experience of delivering analytical projects, turning data into actionable insight and helping his clients make profitable pricing, marketing and operational decisions.


I stay at the forefront of innovation in this field through career study breaks. I have taken classes in Machine Learning & Statistics at several of the top Universities in the UK and USA. Machine Learning (CS229), Stanford University USA, 2014 Business Data Mining, Oklahoma State University in partnership with SAS, USA, 2010 Econometrics,London School of Economics Summer School, 2010 MSc Statistics: University of Sheffield (Distance Learning) 2005-2008 BSc Mathematics (2:1 classification), University of Durham, 2001-2004


I work with any business that recognises the potential value of the data they hold; I am experienced in many industries including insurance, gaming, retail and financial services. Specialisms include * Unstructured Text Analytics (Topic Modelling) * Product Pricing * Marketing Analytics * Machine Learning * Data Science