2023 Cathie Marsh Lecture - AI: A Game Changer for Social Research? (In-person)

2023 Cathie Marsh Lecture - AI: A Game Changer for Social Research? (In-person)

Date: Thursday 07 December 2023, 5.00PM - 6.20PM
Location: London
Royal Statistical Society, 12 Errol Street, London EC1Y 8LX
Section Group Meeting
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The Cathie Marsh Lecture 2023 offers a journey into how AI is reshaping social research.

Professor Helen Margetts will explore how AI and social research can enhance each other.

Dr. Nicola Stingelin will tackle the ethical challenges of AI's societal integration, with a focus on policy implications.

Andrew Banks will discuss AI's role in improving official statistics.

The seminar is a must for anyone in social research and beyond who wants to be part of the discussion about the transformative influence of AI in the field of social research and statistics. 

Our partner, Sage Publishing, will also be hosting a drinks reception afterwards until 8pm.

Please note this is an in-person event.
Professor Helen Margetts: “Why AI needs social science”
Professor of Society and the Internet & Director of the Oxford Internet Institute; Fellow of Mansfield College

Helen Margetts OBE FBA is Professor of Society and the Internet at the University of Oxford, in the Oxford Internet Institute (of which she was Director, 2011-8). From 2018, she has been Director of the Alan Turing Institute’s Public Policy Programme, which helps the public sector to maximise the potential of data science and AI to improve government and policymaking, while tackling challenges and risks.  Before Oxford, she was UCL's first Professor of Political Science & Director of the School of Public Policy (2000-4). She has degrees in Mathematics (BSc), Politics and Public Policy (MSc), Government (PhD, LSE).
Dr Nicola Stingelin: ” Ethical considerations of AI”
Ethics Advisor,
Associate Researcher, University of Basel, Institute for Bio- and Medical Ethics, Switzerland

Nicola Stingelin, PhD, MBA, transitioned from global head of intellectual property in the pharmaceutical industry to academia, earning a PhD in medical ethics. With experience in research and lecturing, she specialises in ethics across medical and public health sectors, with a focus on health data and innovation. An ethics advisor to the European Commission and various health committees, she also consults for the pharmaceutical industry and contributes to NHS and IDDO health data initiatives.
Andrew Banks: “How the Office for National Statistics (ONS) are exploring the use of Generative AI: Opportunities and Risks”
Lead Data Scientist at the Data Science Campus (awaiting further details)
Jointly organised by the RSS Social Statistics Section and the Social Research Association
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