Clinical prediction models for Covid-19 - event report

The RSS North Eastern local group held a webinar on ‘Clinical prediction models for Covid-19: Alarming results from a living systematic review’ on Monday 27 September, 2021 at 3pm (BST) via Zoom.

The speaker was Maarten van Smeden, Assistant Professor at the University Medical Center, Utrecht, Holland.

Maarten is one of the leading authors on a living review in the British Medical Journal of published Covid-19 analyses in the academic literature. His talk gave an insight into the sheer volume of papers, some common flaws and the lack of joined-up thinking with many small studies with limitations (both in data and analysis) rather than fewer larger, more robust studies.

Whilst concerning from a statistical standpoint, this provided fascinating material for a talk. The discussion after the talk was lively, with the subject matter provoking particular interest among those of a medical persuasion in the audience.

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