New RSS vice president and honorary officers for 2022

As 2021 draws to a close, we’re very pleased to introduce the new members taking up positions on our board from January 2022.

New vice president for education and statistical literacy
The RSS has four vice presidents who oversee certain areas of the RSS’s work, and in 2022 Dr Sophie Carr (pictured above) will take up the role as vice president for education and statistical literacy. She succeeds Sharon Witherspoon MBE, who completes her four-year tenureship at the end of this year. Sophie founded her own company, Bays Consulting, in 2009, and was elected to RSS Council in last year’s election. She currently holds the title of the World’s Most Interesting Mathematician and takes part in STEM outreach through activities such as delivering Royal Institution masterclasses on statistics topics to help enthuse the next generation about data and statistics.

New honorary officers
A new honorary officer role for equality, diversity and inclusion was agreed earlier this year by Council, and we’re delighted that the inaugural postholder for this role will be Dr Eugenie Hunsicker, senior lecturer in mathematics at Loughborough University, and former director for equality and diversity for Loughborough’s School of Science. She has chaired the London Mathematical Society’s Women and Diversity in Mathematics Committee and is a member of the RSS Women in Data Science and Statistics SIG.

Professor Steve Gilmour, will succeed John Kent as the next honorary officer for publications. Steve is professor of statistics at King’s College London and currently head of the Department of Mathematics. He is a former editor of JRSS Series C and a previous honorary officer for sections and local groups.

These new appointees, along with the newly elected Council members, will begin their terms from January 2022. We look forward to working with you all! We would also like to say a huge ‘thank you’ to all of those stepping down from their roles this year, for the work they have done for the Society.

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