Free online Validate AI seminar hosted by Imperial College

RSS members are invited to a free artificial intelligence seminar run through Imperial College London and led by  former RSS President Professor David Hand and Shakeel Khan of HMRC, who together co-founded the Validate AI community interest company. 

The event is on Monday 18 October at 1pm and attendees are advised to register in advance.

The abstract for the talk is as follows:

'With the increasing adoption of AI systems in all aspects of our life, it has become critically important to be confident that they perform in a safe, reliable, timely, and trustworthy way. The Validate AI initiative explores how such systems can depart from this ideal, examining tools and methods for ensuring sound and appropriate behaviour in a variety of different application domains. Issues explored include accurate and unbiased performance and its evaluation, model testing and formal verification, ensuring resilience against adversarial attacks, and the effective maintenance of systems as their working environment changes.

This includes the need for AI systems to be properly formulated; that the system must be bug free, be based on properly representative data, and can cope with anomalies and data quality issues; and that its output is sufficiently accurate for the task. These considerations will be described at this seminar.

We would be keen for volunteers from the audience to join the validate AI initiative to help us to formulate appropriate practitioner centric standards to ensure more trustworthy AI.'

Further information about Validate AI and the upcoming VAI21 conference can be found at:

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