Associate editors sought for Series A and Series C

The editors of the RSS Journals Series A (Statistics in Society) and Series C (Applied Statistics) are seeking nominations for associate editors. The current panels are drawing up a list of possible new panel members, and the editors would like to give members of the Society the opportunity to nominate themselves or others to the vacant positions. The panels will consider all nominations received. The journals’ terms of reference (ie their ‘aims and scope’) can be found via the Series A and Series C overview pages on the Wiley website.

For Series A, the panel is looking for people who can cover areas in a wide range of disciplines using appropriate statistical methodology. The panel would be particularly pleased to hear from those with interests in social network analysis, applied econometrics, latent variable modelling, survey sampling, spatial statistics, data science and causal inference.

For Series C, the panel is looking particularly for people who can cover at least two of the following areas: analysis of high dimensional data; Bayesian hierarchical models; bioinformatics; clustering and classification; complex survey sampling and analysis; data mining; disease modelling and surveillance; environmental epidemiology; experimental design; financial statistics; Markov chain Monte Carlo methods; missing data and multiple imputation; spatial statistics; statistical ecology; statistical machine learning.

Associate editors are appointed for four-year periods and usually have a workload of no more than 10-12 new papers per year.

Suggestions and some brief biographic details should be emailed (by 11 October) to the current joint editors Jouni Kuha and Bianca De Stavola for Series A, or to Nial Friel and Janine Illian for Series C. The editors will be pleased to provide further information if required.

About the journals

Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series A (Statistics in Society), publishes high quality papers that demonstrate how statistical thinking, design and analyses play a vital role in all walks of life and benefit society in general. There is no restriction on subject matter. For example, medicine, business and commerce, industry, economics and finance, education and teaching, physical and biomedical sciences, the environment, the law, government and politics, demography, psychology, sociology and sport, all fall within its remit.

The Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series C (Applied Statistics) is a journal of international repute for statisticians both inside and outside the academic world. The journal is concerned with papers which deal with novel solutions to real life statistical problems by adapting or developing methodology, or by demonstrating the proper application of new or existing statistical methods to them. At their heart therefore, the papers in the journal are motivated by examples and statistical data of all kinds. The subject-matter covers the whole range of inter-disciplinary fields, eg applications in agriculture, genetics, industry, medicine and the physical sciences, and papers on design issues (eg in relation to experiments, surveys or observational studies).

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