The ABCs of CPD

The ABCs of CPD

Date: Tuesday 19 October 2021, 1.00PM
Location: Online
RSS Event

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In this talk, you will hear from the RSS Vice President for Professional Affairs, Rachel Hilliam and the Head of Professional Standards, Ricky McGowan, as they advise as best to keep a track of you continued professional development, and more importantly what counts! You will also hear direct from members about how different support tools and volunteering opportunities have allowed them to access even more CPD activities and how you could become involved too, including our mentorship programme and Statisticians for Society.

The event is part of the Society’s programme of events for Members Week.

This event will be hosted live on Microsoft Teams, but registration is required. Joining instructions will be sent to registered delegates nearer the time.


13:00: Welcome from the chair 
Rachel Hilliam, RSS vice-president for professional affairs

13:05: What is CPD and why we do it and the support tools
Ricky McGowan, RSS head of professional affairs
In this talk, you will hear from the Head of Professional Standards, Ricky McGowan, as he advises on which tools are available to help best to keep a track of you continued professional development, and more importantly what counts! 

13:15: What are examples of CPD for both application and revalidation 
Rachel Hilliam, RSS vice-president for professional affairs
Rachel Hilliam will be focusing on what makes good CPD for both professional membership applications and revalidation, the process of renewing your Chartered membership. 

13:25: The mentee becomes the mentor scheme as a tool and posters as an example of CPD
Aura Popa, The Statistical Company
Aura Popa will be focusing on the Society’s mentoring programme and how it can be a tool for CPD.

13:35: How Statisticians for Society can be part of your CPD
Rob Mastrodomenico, Global Sports Statistics
In this talk, Rob Mastrodomenico will detail the process for getting involved in the Society’s pro bono scheme for charities, Statisticians for Society and how it can be a useful addition to your CPD.

13:45: How volunteering can be used as CPD
Clare Morris, University of Gloucestershire
I will reflect on the opportunities offered by Statisticians for Society, particularly to those of us who have retired from full-time work but wish to keep up our professional status. I will give a brief description of the project with which I was involved, and the learning which resulted from my involvement.

13:55: Questions from the audience

14:00: Close
Rachel Hilliam
Rachel Hilliam chairs the RSS Professional Affairs Committee and is a member of the RSS Special Interest Group in Teaching Statistics. She is a senior lecturer in statistics at the Open University, where she has held various leadership roles.

Ricky McGowan
Ricky McGowan is head of professional affairs at the Royal Statistical Society.

Aura Popa
Aura is a Chartered Statistician of the Royal Statistical Society, has a BA in Statistics and Economic Forecasting and a MPhil in Statistics and Econometrics. Aura started her career as a Data Analyst in Ipsos Romania, then for a few years she was a Research Analyst and Teaching Assistant with the Academy of Economic Studies, concentrating on data modelling and analysis within sustainable development, labour market, regional and macro economy. As a consultant at The Statistical Company, Aura works directly with end-clients, such as The Walt Disney Company and Sony Electronics, as well as with Market Research agencies who need help with Advanced Analytics.

Rob Mastrodomenico 
Rob Mastrodomenico is a fellow of the Royal Statistical Society as well as owner and founder of his statistical consulting company, Global Sports Statistics. He is also the Chair of RSS’ Statisticians for Society initiative since its inception in 2017. He is also an RSS Statistical Ambassador, which involves regular work with the media in assisting with their reporting of statistical issues.

Clare Morris 
Clare Morris, a former member of RSS Council and chair of the Quality Improvement Committee, has held academic posts at a number of universities including Warwick and Cardiff.  She is the author of a number of successful texts, and has been a consultant for a range of major companies and government departments. She currently teaches for the Open University.
Organising group: The Royal Statistical Society
Contact: Ricky McGowan