Publishing quality charts in R with ggplot2 - Virtual Classroom

Date: Wednesday 26 October 2022 9.30AM - Thursday 27 October 2022 5.00PM
Location: Online
CPD: 12.0 hours
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Level: Intermediate (I)

This tutor-led virtual course will introduce how the tidyverse and ggplot2 can be used to reproducibly create publication quality charts from R. 

Please note: Bookings will close 4 working days before the course start date or when the course has reached its maximum capacity.
Level: Intermediate (I)

This tutor-lead virtual course will introduce how the tidyverse and ggplot2 can be used to reproducibly create publication quality charts from R. 

Learning Outcomes

Reproducibly import and wrangle data with the tidyverse in preparation for charting with ggplot2. Confidently choose the appropriate geoms for visualising data with ggplot2. Understand how to use factors using the forcats package to control the display (or order) of chart elements. Effectively control the use of colours and themes in ggplot2 charts. Understand how to augment GIS data using sf and the tidyverse to be visualised with ggplot2. Reproducibly export publication quality charts for papers, posters and other printed media.

Delegates are expected to have a laptop with the R software installed.

Topics Covered

R, Data Visualisation, ggplot2, Data Presentation, Exploratory Data Analysis.

Target Audience

This course is designed for both completely novice and experienced R users who want to create publication quality printed charts with ggplot2.


Charlie Hadley

Charlie Hadley is currently a Research Technology Specialist at Oxford University specialising in data visualisation, as well as being a content creator for Her background is in biophysics and statistical computing, completing her MPhys at University of Leeds and a short research post at University of Birmingham on biomineralisation. 

Charlie was a senior technology consultant at Wolfram Research for 3 years working primarily on finance and HR projects, in addition to consulting for the Estonian project.

 At Oxford University, Charlie is helping to launch a data visualisation service for researchers. Initially this service exclusively provides Shiny consultative support, but further technologies will be added in the future as the team grows.




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