Invited session topics

The following invited sessions were accepted onto the original programme for the RSS 2020 Conference and are listed under the relevant stream heading. Many of these will appear on the new online programme.

Applications of Statistics

  • Stats+Stories/ASA and Significance: Live at RSS 2020
  • Mind the gap: causation in law versus statistics
  • Disgusting Statistics
  • Euro 2020 predictive analytics competition winners
  • Political Betting

Business, Industry & Finance

  • Statistics in the water industry: smart ways to increase sustainability
  • New developments in business statistics methodology
  • Statistical Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Communicating & Teaching Statistics

  • RSS Statistical Ambassadors Showcase
  • Statistics, communication, impact: the Florence Nightingales of today
  • Joy of teaching statistics to non-specialists
  • Research informed interventions
  • Active Learning for Undergraduate Statisticians
  • Using technology in statistical education
  • Spreading the word - statistics in the workplace
  • STEM Showcase

Data Science

  • Coddiwomple - many ways to a successful data science career
  • Ethics and Bias in Data Science
  • Spot the criminal: Predictive Policing
  • Artificial Intelligence - or is it?
  • Wasn't Synthesis just in the '80s? A chat about modern days synthetic data

Environmental & Spatial Statistics

  • Papers from the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society
  • Challenges and advances of spatial modelling in ecology
  • Climate change

Medical Statistics

  • Target Trial Emulation
  • Latent Class Analysis, Concept, Applications and Challenges
  • Novel tutorial on causal inference with point exposures: potential outcomes in action with heads on competition of methods
  • Addressing statistical and epidemiological issues in global health: The MRC Tropical Epidemiology Group

Methods & Theory

  • Quantifying uncertainty due to discretisation error in numerical computation
  • Statistical networks: highlights from COSTNET
  • Controversies in variables and features selection - what should we be doing?
  • Representing and quantifying uncertainty in complex systems
  • Statistics and Measurement Science
  • MPR Cure Rate Models with Frailty

Official Statistics & Public Policy

  • Bayesian Demography
  • Working together to improve migration statistics
  • Understanding statistical quality and uncertainty measures: application to blended population and migration estimates
  • The Sustainable Development Goals: what have we learned five years on?
  • Developing quality and uncertainty frameworks for new and integrated sources
  • Transforming population and social statistics


  • A Young Statisticians Guide to the Conference
  • Women in British Statistics after Florence Nightingale

Professional Development

  • Getting your work published and maximising its impact
  • A statistician's guide to influencing parliament
  • Reviewing for a clinical journal-improving stats in medicine one paper at a time
  • Statisticians for Society - lessons learned and new perspectives
  • Don't Panic! The Ambassadors' Guide to Communicating Statistics
  • How to develop your 'so what' message
  • Bite-sized Data Science for Government Courses
  • Interacting with visuals
  • Statistical Consultancy: Advice for going it alone
  • RSS Professional Pathways: How professionalism can help your career
  • Get involved
  • The art of blended learning in statistics and data science

Prize Winners

  • RSS Prize Winners: Statistical Excellence for Early Career Writing 2020
  • RSS Prize Winners: best presentations of RSC 2020
  • RSS Prize Winners: best presentations of YSM 2020

Social Statistics

  • Work and gender
  • Data quality in probability-based online panels
  • Measurement error in the social sciences: estimation and correction
  • Poverty, Data and Patterns: from history to contemporary thinking to bring about better decision-making
  • Political Opinion Polling

List correct as of 5 February