Invited session topics

The following invited sessions have been confirmed for the new online programme.

Applications of Statistics

  • Stats+Stories/ASA and Significance: Live at RSS 2020
  • Mind the gap: causation in law versus statistics
  • Political statistics: Betting

Business, Industry & Finance

  • Statistics in the water industry: smart ways to increase sustainability
  • Statistical Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Communicating & Teaching Statistics

  • Statistics, communication, impact: the Florence Nightingales of today
  • Active Learning for Undergraduate Statisticians
  • Spreading the word - statistics in the workplace

Data Science

  • Choose your own Career: A Data Science Adventure
  • Ethics and Bias in Data Science
  • Wasn't Synthesis just in the '80s? A chat about modern days synthetic data

Environmental & Spatial Statistics

  • Challenges and advances of spatial modelling in ecology
  • Climate change

Medical Statistics

  • Target Trial Emulation
  • Latent Class Analysis, Concept, Applications and Challenges
  • Novel tutorial on causal inference with point exposures: potential outcomes in action with heads on competition of methods

Methods & Theory

  • Quantifying uncertainty due to discretisation error in numerical computation
  • Statistics and Measurement Science

Official Statistics & Public Policy

  • Bayesian Demography
  • Working together to improve migration statistics
  • The Sustainable Development Goals: what have we learned five years on?
  • Developing quality and uncertainty frameworks: From concepts to application in official statistics


  • Florence Nightingale and her colleagues: using statistics to save lives

Professional Development

  • Getting your work published and maximising its impact
  • How to develop your 'so what' message
  • Bite-sized Data Science for Government Courses
  • Interactive visualisation using dashboards
  • Statistical Consultancy: Advice for going it alone
  • RSS Professional Pathways: How professionalism can help your career
  • Get involved
  • The art of blended learning in statistics and data science

Prize Winners

  • RSS Prize Winners: Statistical Excellence for Early Career Writing 2020
  • RSS Prize Winners: best presentations of YSM 2020

Social Statistics

  • Work and gender
  • Educational Inequalities: Beyond COVID
  • Political Opinion Polling

List correct as of 25 June.