Invited topic sessions

We are currently inviting proposals for invited topic sessions and professional development workshops to be included on the 2021 Conference programme.

Invited topic sessions are sessions that are put together by an individual, group of individuals or a committee with a set of speakers who they invite to speak on a related topic. The session topic should ideally fit within one of the topic streams for the conference.  The proposed session is considered by the RSS conference board for inclusion on the programme.

For full details about submitting a session proposal and the range of formats available please refer to the guidelines for session organisers.

Please use the online form to submit your proposal. The deadline for submissions is 18 November.

The following invited sessions which were originally scheduled to form part of the cancelled 2020 Conference in Bournemouth will be included on the 2021 programme:

Applications of Statistics
  • Disgusting Statistics
  • Euro 2021 predictive analytics competition winners
  • Women’s sport – the statistics supporting success

Business, Industry & Finance
  • New developments in business statistics methodology

Communicating & Teaching Statistics
  • RSS Statistical Ambassadors Showcase
  • Joy of teaching statistics to non-specialists
  • Research informed interventions
  • Using technology in statistical education

Data Science
  • Artificial Intelligence - or is it?

Environmental & Spatial Statistics
  • Papers from the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society

Medical Statistics
  • Addressing statistical and epidemiological issues in global health: The MRC Tropical Epidemiology Group

Methods & Theory
  • Statistical networks: highlights from COSTNET
  • Representing and quantifying uncertainty in complex systems
  • MPR Cure Rate Models with Frailty

Official Statistics & Public Policy
  • Bayesian Demography
  • Transforming population and social statistics

  • Women in British Statistics after Florence Nightingale

Professional Development
  • A statistician's guide to influencing parliament
  • Statisticians for Society - lessons learned and new perspectives
  • Don't Panic! The Ambassadors' Guide to Communicating Statistics

Social Statistics
  • Data quality in probability-based online panels
  • Measurement error in the social sciences: estimation and correction