Invited topic sessions

Invited topic sessions are put together by an individual, group of individuals or a committee with a set of speakers who they invite to speak on a related topic. The session topic should ideally fit within one of the topic streams for the conference.  The proposed session is considered by the RSS conference board for inclusion on the programme.

The following invited sessions have been confirmed for the 2021 programme [please note this is subject to change]:

Applications of Statistics

  • Disgusting Statistics
  • Euro 2020 predictive analytics competition winners
  • Women’s sport – the statistics supporting success
  • Are we talking the same language? Building collaborations between statisticians and scientists [livestream from venue]
  • Statistics of the Olympics
  • Stats and Stories + Significance: Live at RSS 2021 [online only]
  • Challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic
Business, Industry & Finance
  • Knowledge Transfer - Collaborations between academia and business through Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) [livestream from venue]
  • Statistics solutions for business and industry - diverse case studies
  • NLP for financial decision making
  • Statistical engineering
Communicating & Teaching Statistics
  • RSS Statistical Ambassadors Showcase
  • Joy of teaching statistics to non-specialists
  • Research informed interventions [livestream from venue]
  • Teaching statistics to non-specialists in a pandemic setting: opportunities and challenges [online only]
  • STEM Showcase
  • Statistical Excellence Award for Early Career Writing 2021 [online only]
  • Contagious disease statistics and misinterpretation of COVID dynamics and data
Data Science
  • Artificial Intelligence - or is it?
  • How women are breaking barriers in data science
  • Confessions of a data scientist
  • Making better decisions based on simulation
  • Visualisation and visual analytics
  • RSS-Turing Institute COVID-19 collaboration – research and directions
Environmental & Spatial Statistics
  • Papers from the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society [livestream from venue]
  • The role of statisticians in decision-making at the landscape scale [online only]
  • Showcase: advances in visualisation in spatial and environmental statistics
  • Spatiotemporal modelling of environmental and climate data [online only]
Medical Statistics
  • Addressing statistical and epidemiological issues in global health: The MRC Tropical Epidemiology Group
  • Advances in Health Technology Assessment Methodology
  • STRATOS initiative - on various issues in multivariable model building
  • Modelling local COVID-19 data in Manchester
Methods & Theory
  • Statistical network analysis: methodological advances from COSTNET [online only]
  • Missing data in the era of big data [livestream from venue]
  • Bayesian theory and methods for complex methods
  • Networks as object data
  • Representing and quantifying uncertainty in complex systems
Official Statistics & Public Policy
  • UK data science as a global public good
  • Automating official statistics
  • Delivering census outputs
  • Monitoring the Covid pandemic
  • Women in British Statistics after Florence Nightingale
Professional Development
  • Statisticians for Society - lessons learned and new perspectives
  • Don't Panic! The Ambassadors' Guide to Communicating Statistics
  • Get Involved with the RSS
  • Getting your work published and maximising its impact
  • Interactive visualisation
  • Wikipedia edit-a-thon: Women and underrepresented minorities in statistics and data science
  • Careers in statistical consultancy
  • Reviewing for a clinical journal - improving stats in medicine one paper at a time [livestream from venue]
  • Soft skills for statisticians
  • Professional pathways and competencies: A new look for professional membership at the RSS
  • Shaping the Profession of Data Science by the Alliance of Data Science Professionals
  • Data wrangling and visualisation using the tidyverse in R
Social Statistics
  • Data quality in probability- and non-probability-based online panels
  • Measurement error in the social sciences: estimation and correction
  • New developments on latent variable modelling and applications to survey data [livestream from venue]
  • Political statistics: 2020 US Presidential Election