Robin Henderson, Chair of Discussion Meetings Committee

Robin Henderson is a professor of statistics at Newcastle University

What is your volunteer role at the RSS?
Chair of the Discussion Meetings Committee.

What does the role involve?
Working with the committee to solicit and coordinate the selection of papers for presentation to the Society at Discussion Meetings. Chairing the Discussion Meeting itself and reporting to Council on the health of, and plans for, the Discussion Meeting programme.

Why did you choose this role?
Many of the major advances in statistical research were first presented through what are now called Discussion Meetings. This is a flagship of the Society and it is important that we present a healthy and varied programme.

Has the experience been valuable for your professional development?
It is always good to try new things.

What have you enjoyed most about volunteering with the RSS?
It has been good to work with all sections of the Society so as to get first-hand experience of the rich variety of activities.

What advice would you give to anyone interested in volunteering with the RSS?
Do it. RSS is vital to the health of the discipline in the UK (and further afield).

What’s next – do you plan to carry on in this role or are you tempted to try other volunteer roles?
No plans. I have had other roles within RSS previously, including Theme Director for Publications, which brought an interesting role on Executive Committee.

Did you know?
Discussion Meetings used to be called Ordinary Meetings, which grew from the regular society meetings at the beginnings of the RSS, but evolved so that Ordinary meetings became special.