Eugenie Chung, Member of Quality Improvement Section Committee

Eugenie Chung is a technical support specialist at Minitab

What is your volunteer role at the RSS?
Committee member of RSS Quality Improvement Section (QIS). Volunteer mentor in the mentoring scheme for Graduate Statisticians (no mentee yet hence no experience to share so far).

What does the role involve?
I help liaise the communication between the Young Statisticians Section and QIS. I also assist in organising joint events between the two sections.

Why did you choose this role?
I want to get more involvement in the work of the society and contribute to the wider statistical community.

Has the experience been valuable for your professional development?
The experience has given me the opportunity in further developing my people skills. I also get exposure to different areas of industries where statistics is used.

What have you enjoyed most about volunteering with the RSS?
I get exposure to working with people from different background in the statistical community.

What advice would you give to anyone interested in volunteering with the RSS?
Don’t hesitate! Give it a go and enjoy the experience. Every little help you give will contribute to the prosperity of the community.

What’s next – do you plan to carry on in this role or are you tempted to try other volunteer roles?
I will carry on in this role and this section, as this relates to the field of work in my day job. I am also interested in joining the statistical ambassador scheme.

Did you know?
Quality Improvement is the application of statistical methods for improving organisational performance and outcomes. To put it in simple terms it is the use of statistics to assess the production process of a product/service and determine if the product/service meet the requirement of customers. It is kind of like using statistics to do quality control.