Consultant Profile


Peter Ceuppens


Received BSc in statistics from Aberystwyth University in 1985 and a PhD from the same institution in 1993. My 30 years of experience covers statistical consultancy in a range of different life science companies including clinical research organisations Quintiles and Hazleton (now Covance) and Pharma companies such as GSK and AstraZeneca. I have worked as a clinical trial statistician and also extensively in non-clinical areas including manufacturing, pre-clinical research and formulation research. Now runs Inferstats Consulting, a small statistical consultancy specialising in all things non-clinical.


Statistician with 30 years consultancy experience in life science industry. Extensive experience of working in a research based environment and also of work as a clinical trial statistician.


Specialist in experimental design for both process/assay optimisation (in-vitro and in-vivo) and also for design and analysis of pivotal animal in-vivo experiments. Statistical training, particularly for scientists. Clinical pharmacology neuroscience and infection. Regulatory and investigative safety toxicology including reproductive, genetic and carcinogenicity. Safety pharmacology. Multivariate data analysis. Translational medicine including biomarker discovery and qualification. Data visualisation and interpretation.