Consultant Profile


Aura Popa


In 2008, Aura started her career as Data Analyst in Ipsos Romania, then for a few years she was a Research Analyst and Teaching Assistant with the Academy of Economic Studies, concentrating on data modelling and analysis within sustainable development, labour market, regional and macro economy. After moving to London, Aura subsequently held Research Analyst positions in one of the leading agencies, YouGov, at Solutions-2 and lately at Catalyst Housing Association, gaining experience on both sides of the fence. As Consultant at The Statistical Company, Aura works directly with end-clients, such as The Walt Disney Company, Sony Electronics etc., as well as with Market Research agencies who need help with Advanced Analystics. Aura’s academic background gives her a strong theoretical background, and with years of experience in private sector, also a strong pragmatic and common sense approach in her work. She is client-oriented, seeking to understand the customer, looking for different perspectives to meet and anticipate its needs, proactive whenever possible. Aura is a native teacher, loving to share knowledge through SPSS, Excel and Statistics training, but also an avid learner, reading everyday about Big Data news.


Always passionate about numbers and quantitative methods, Aura has a BA in Statistics and Economic Forecasting and a MPhil in Statistics and Econometrics from the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest, Romania.


• Data science and advanced analytics technical applications offering bespoke data driven solutions to Market Research industry (Data Validation and Cleaning, Data Processing and Reporting, Basic Statistics, TURF Analysis, Key drivers analysis, Text Analytics, Spatial Statistics, Brand Mapping, Data Reduction, Decision Trees, Optimum Price Modelling, Data Visualisation, RFM Analysis, Customer Segmentation, Predictive analytics, Multichoice Discrete Models (MaxDiff, Conjoint)) • Customed Tailored Dashboards to answer your company needs • Customed Tailored Training to answer your employees needs in Basic Stats, SPSS, Excel